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Super Pro & Top

I ferry planes everywhere or I spend vacation, it always gives me the best forecast/simulation fir the next 3 days. It is very useful Thank you it very much A. M.


Perfect app combined with weather pro !! The whole weather planet on your hands !! Love it !!

Bof !


Super top appli ++



Cool stuf

Its one of the best weather programs Ive ever had.

Solid app

A good weather app with enough info to assist in forecasting locally


The only complaint I have is that there needs to be a automatic "follow me" setting please change as soon as possible

Great App

Use this app all the time...pretty accurate

exellent ap

Really exellent aplication

Great App but has a learning curve

This is not a simple readme app. If you are willing to put in the time to master it youll love it. If you are a weather hound it is an excellent app which you will love

Better than the local weather forecast

A freedom seeing what might be on the way. Good to view a large area for heat, wind, cloud and rain to make your own minimum forecast!

Beautifully Done

This is a fantastic app if you are interested in not only your local weather but also the global systems that are driving that weather. The app is very functional without the annual subscription but the subscription is worth the price if you are looking for more detail and a longer term forecast.

Useful and improved really

I have been using this app for quite much time in phone and Mac, so far pleased with it. Storm tracking and wind speed functions are awesome. Really good app no joke


The best application for weather.


best wx app, true predictions.

Great App

This is a really great app. Its interesting and it is accurate.

Great Application

This is my FAVORITE app of all time!

The MeteoEarth app is pure gold -- never seen anything like it before. Since the app presents data in an animated form (as long as you press the "play" ( ">" ) icon first!) it gives you an almost god-like perspective as to "whats going on", all over the planet or right down to a single neighborhood. Turn the temperature display on or off; turn the precipitation display on or off; turn the cloud cover display on or off; turn the air-pressure display on or off; turn the wind display on or off -- singly or in any combination, the just press the PLAY button and watch what happens! If youre really curious, start the "tropical storm" display as well, and youll be able to see the behavior of all the tropical storms and hurricanes roaring around the planet too. (For this youll need to pay a little extra) Be sure you try spreading two fingers outward from the center to home in on a small area (a single city, for example) or alternatively, try pinching inward with two fingers to gain a farther and farther out perspective. You can observe very accurate weather predictions for an entire HEMISPHERE at once! Drag left, right, up or down with a fingertip and youll see the Earth turn to satisfy your curiosity. Add a bunch of cities of interest with the "+" icon, and youll be able to see how the dance of nature is expected to progress all over the place throughout a single day for free (or for a full FIVE days out if you can spare a couple of bucks for that extended capability). You can watch the light of day or the dark of night play across surface of the planet as the Earth turns. You can even let the app show you the city lights coming on at night all over the globe . . . This thing is absolutely incredible! Whether youre a geeky-scientist type interested in seeing what "big data" can do, or simply a pedestrian whos curious about how the world works, this app is for you. I couldnt possibly recommend it more highly to anyone!


Its a lot of fun to check temps around the world!! Antartica -120*F ... Timbuktu +110*F ... Just fun to compare and tell others on Facebook!

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