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Très utile




Klasse wetterapp


ist ok








Super appli






Super aplikacja!


5 stars


Luv it!



Most Excellent

What a fabulous app! It’s just amazing to view weather and weather patterns from the macro perspective. Outstanding!

Great Enhancements

Love this app with all the enhancements you can put together.

Tọp app

Very good


أشكركم على هذا التطبيق الناجح

Beautiful !

This app is distinguished by absolutely beautiful real time map graphics with very user friendly modifiers. Distinguished from other weather apps. The paid version which I decided to buy after a year or so with extended time graphics is well worth it.


I haven’t been excited about an app in a long time, but this one is really really cool!

The best!

The most impressive and unique weather app I’ve encountered to date. Love it!

love it

Love it! I just don't like that the premium version charges a monthly fee instead of a one time fee for the application itself. I think having a monthly service charge is a little much. Besides that I've been using the app for a year now. I tried several others and end up deleting them. I love this App. Very easy to use, and the layout is easy to understand. Simple yet thorough. Great Job people! My dad is always updating everyone on the weather from the tv news reports though a lot of times inaccurate. Then I open this app and that's what I rely on. It's way more accurate. I wonder why?


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Thank you


Wish it indicated location of states/countries

Great app, love, but unpleasant surprise

Checking weather this AM, suddenly I and those around me (quiet space, quite embarrassing) were startled by a loud video which spontaneously played. A glitch? An ad? Surely a mistake. Quickly swiped out of the app, will be more cautious about where I use it in the future. Please fix, would be most grateful. BTW, excellent app otherwise.

Amazing functionality

This is so much more than a weather app. It provides an incredible amount of information in a format that is easy to use and comprehend.

Great application

Gives a very accurate to the moment view eve though it has a delay.

Review of meteo earth

Best weather app for understanding large atmospheric forces that make"weather". I'd love it if atmospheric electrical charges somehow could be represented. RS

Cyclone Mekunu

the App was extremely valuable in tracking the recent Cyclone Mekunu which hit us this week



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افضل تطبيق مر علي

تطبيق الطقس

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C’a brille

J’aime bien cette application, elle est complète et ne manque en rien, vraiment bravo, sa precision est superbe




This app is one of the best that a weather hound like me has ever used. Easy functionality and great graphics.

Awesome!!⚠️one thing ⚠️

Great app does not show Lightning were it will strike or anything 😒Other than that awesome app recommend

Wind factor

I like this app. But, I need the wind factor.

Abu abdullah

Very nice app .... wish if their is rain cloud if you put sound effect of thunder and lightning ... that will be very nice

مرضي ابومالك

من افضل البرامج المتعلقه بالطقس

Best weather app

The only weather app which is very precise no matter where you are in the world.

AWESOME APP...!!!!❤️😊👍



It's beautiful always correct

Very good app.

I use this App daily and find it very useful. The only thing I would like to see is the temperature and forecast for a specific area.

The best

This app is awesome works well

**Really cool weather app**

Observing wind direction makes for much better understanding of where precipitation is likely to fall. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because they don't have a current/future static maps depicting where H/L pressure centers are (just shows pressure lines).

Fantastic app

If you do not have Meteo....GET IT!

❤️ MeteoEarth ❤️

WOW! This app is beautiful and wonderful, really perfect. All weather view in the world map are available; precipitation, temperature, wind, etc. MeteoEarth is weather app #1 and with this app I feel like a meteorologist. Plus, climate view! Briefly, I need no more about weather because MeteoEarth has everything I need. But I have an issue: Some of the 6-hour periods don't update, for example, the precipitation map, but have the update of the last 12 hours, I mean all 6-hour periods don't update at the same time, I don't know why! please fix it. With sincere love and appreciation. Thank you so much

Amazing at first, but now junk

I used this amazing app for free at first and I thought it was spectacular. So good, that I purchased the ad-free version. Soon afterwards, this app went bad. I kept getting an error telling me to sign in to merge my purchases. I had no idea what they were talking about. I contacted customer support and they were no help at all. In fact, they quit responding to my requests for help with my "sign-in" issue. AVOID THIS APP!

Best weather app... no rivals!

Unquestionably the best weather app available. It gives you the complete picture world wide. Perfect for those of us who travel on business, for planning vacations and our odd impromptu trips. Most highly recommended.

Junk. Ad can not be dismissed? Why am I even seeing ads?


Worth the membership!

First time I understand weather pattern because of this app! You can plan your road trips by watching the cloud formation and the precipitation for the week. We can see the whole weather planet . I wished we can add map already named with mountains, volcanoes, cities, etc., Thank you for giving us this wonderful app.

Great weather app!

This is a very helpful app for those of us leaving in a tropical climate. I often check it for tropical storms. I would give it five stars, but it lacks a couple of overlays that would make it perfect, such as radar (though what do I know, that may not be possible).

Winter Sports

I use this app for snowmobiling. It is pretty accurate by the hour where it will begin to snow and how long it snows. I have been using it now for three years. The guys I ride with call me to see where we should be riding next. Awesome app

Does not work with iPhone X!

The previously purchased premium licenses will not work on iPhone X. This app will not recognize your previously purchased premium packages. No support from the app techs @ Meteo for days now. You people at Meteo want to chime in and assist somebody’s been using your app for two years now? We will have to use this public forum as I cannot log in to your app due to some type of conflict screen that comes up before the app crashes every time.

No other weather app comes close

Hands down the best weather app , I live in beautiful Ireland , we have sketchy weather at best , but I can plan ahead for my outdoors work accurately using this app , and I have become locally as the go to guy for weather forecast , thank you so much , brilliant 😊🇮🇪


Outstanding, outrageous the greatest weather app for weather nuts. As far as I can find the only one that still gives you the option of viewing pressure fronts. Add in wind, temps, precipitation and cloud cover and does it quickly. I have and need some other weather apps but short of the 500$ one this is the best. Love it.


Amazing app

The Go To Storm and Hurricane App

Best app going - the wind pattern feature is outstanding - way ahead of the others for predicting storms.


Love this!

Muy Buena y Beneficiosa


By Far This is the best App Ever

I recommend this For those who would like to know the weather All Around The world 5 STARS!


It covers everything. Thanks.

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